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This website was born from the effort of a team of locals of the Canary Islands to emphasize all the best options of leisure, culture, lodging, restoration, etc that are available in the Canary Islands.   

Our team has made a small and personal selection, based on our knowledge and criteria, to help all those who wish to get to know the Canary Islands. 

This website does not intend to be a critical but it aims at answering the common questions that any tourist or local may ask, such as where do we eat tonight or what should we do today. 

We want to get across each island, discovering each corner, each restaurant, each hotel, each route and show it to you in a simple form and with the five senses. We will include one restaurant but not the one next door, a hotel and not another, simply depending on whether we think it is worth you visiting it.

The Canary Islands is full of sensations, colours, scents, flavours… and we recommend those places that can share these senses with you. It is a combination of many factors: the attention, the quality-price relation, the decoration of the establishment, the history, the visual beauty…. It is exactly the same way that you would recommend a restaurant to a good friend of yours whilst visiting your hometown.

We are interested in all the fields at tourist level, such as lodging, leisure, culture, routes, sports, gastronomy… 


29 June 2022

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